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Highland Family Medicine is a practice of family physicians, a sports medicine specialist, an HIV specialist, nurse practitioners, an obstetrician/gynecologist, osteopaths, a dermatology physician assistant, a social worker, family planning personnel, mental health counselors, and outreach workers. The family physicians are either University of Rochester faculty members or resident physicians in Family Medicine.

The Practice is Divided into Seven Suites

Each suite consists of family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, suite managers, medical assistants, and team secretaries. Your primary physician, his or her partner, and the team nurse practitioner are primarily responsible for your family's health care. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are skilled at history taking and physical examination, diagnosis and treatment of common problems, counseling and education. They work closely with your physician.

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Highland Family Medicine

777 South Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
Call: (585) 279-4800
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Monday - Wednesday
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