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Our treatment model is based on a standardized set of protocols that results in faster times to surgery and quicker discharge for elderly surgical fracture patients. By offering surgery and getting patients moving post-surgery more quickly, patients face fewer complications such as skin infections or pneumonia.

Fast Track Admission

Getting an elderly patient medically stable and then performing the appropriate surgical procedure in a timely manner produces the best results for the patient. We provide:

Surgeons and Geriatricians Work Together

When patients are referred to us, our surgeons and geriatricians work together to jointly manage their care. Our decision to operate takes into account all the special issues that may impact elderly patients. We implement specialized practices both pre- and post-surgery that are unique to the elderly patient.

Comprehensive Pre-Surgical Evaluation

  • Assessment of each medicine the patient is taking to verify its appropriateness singly and in combination. 
  • Extensive lab testing
  • A cardiogram
  • An assessment for delirium and measures to mitigate its effects
  • A pre- and post-surgery pain control plan

Post-Surgical Protocol

  • Remove tubes and catheters as early as possible
  • Encourage weight bearing as soon as possible so muscles don’t waste and functional improvement can progress more quickly
  • Start patients on a special geriatric diet as soon as possible (high calories and protein in a relatively small, non-intimidating volume)

Periprosthetic Fractures

Fractures near an implant are commonly called periprosthetic or peri-implant fractures. These fractures pose unique challenges for orthopedic surgeons and they're especially technically demanding in elderly patients with poor bone quality. Because we specialize in fractures in the elderly, our surgeons are exposed to a higher-than-average volume of periprosthetic problems. Dr. Kates, in particular, has been actively involved in the development of new alignment and fixation techniques.

Specialized Surgical Techniques

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