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Dynamic Helical Hip System

Highland Hospital was one of only a handful of hospitals in the world selected to evaluate the Dynamic Helical Hip System (DHHS), a new implant design for repairing hip fractures.

The device, which won AO approval in 2004, makes repair of hip fractures a reality for elderly patients who previously were not good candidates for procedures using conventional hip screw technology.

The new device is a huge technological leap in hip fracture surgery and improves patient care and recovery time. Offering several advantages over traditional screw-type implants that are currently used to treat hip fractures, this device:

  • Provides better stability when plates are inserted next to the fractured bone, providing less of a chance of movement or loosening of the bone and the plates.
  • Requires less torque and less removal of good bone to insert the helical blade, which can reduce the risk of complications during surgery.
  • Provides patients with fracture repair that is much more resistant to failure than conventional devices.
AO Blade plate in subtrochanteric fracture
AO Blade plate in subtrochanteric fracture
AO Blade plate in subtrochanteric fracture AO Blade plate in subtrochanteric fracture
Hip Hemiarthroplasty
Dynamic Helical Hip System in an intertrochanteric fracture
Hip Hemiarthroplasty DHHS (Dynamic Helical Hip System) in an intertrochanteric fracture


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