High Throughput Screening (HTS) Core

Small molecule screening is broadly applicable to virtually every endeavor at the University of Rochester whether is development of therapeutic molecules to treat cardiac diseases, identification of molecules that can influence stem cell differentiation or treat cancer. The University of Rochester High Throughput Screening (HTS) Core has been set up to provide University investigators with relatively low cost access to screening chemical libraries for identification of novel molecules that can be used to perturb biological systems.  We offer the capacity to develop assays for high throughput screening, the ability to screen relatively small libraries to obtain preliminary data for grant proposals as well as to screen much larger libraries for identification of leads for therapeutics.  The Laboratory will work closely with investigators to develop and initiate large or small scale screening campaigns and can direct investigators to resources for further lead development.


Note: The High Throughput Screening Core is funded, in part, through the University of Rochester Developmental Center for AIDS Research.  

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