Imaging Sciences (Radiology)

Zhong Lab

Jianhui Zhong

Ph.D., Physics, 1988, Brown University

Professor of Radiology, BME, Physics & Astronomy

Research Overview

We strive to make progress in the following areas:

  • Development and applications of MRI techniques for medical diagnostics and interventions, and applications of MRI in neurosciences.
  • Quantitative studies of biophysical basis in new fMRI techniques such as intermolecular multiple-quantum coherences (iMQC) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI).

For more information please contact Jill Derby at (585) 275-1381 or fax at (585) 273-1033.

The members of the group collaborate extensively with other researchers and clinicians, in the School of Medicine as well as River Campus and affiliated laboratories, to focus their multidisciplinary talents on problems to which imaging may contribute useful information. They also are engaged in fundamental studies designed to enhance the performance of MR imaging methods, and to better understand the nature of the information obtainable by different MRI techniques. Members of the Division undertake undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral teaching and training at University of Rochester.


Development of echo planar and spiral scan techniques for "snap shot" imaging on 1.5T and 3.0T MRI scanners; development of MRI methods for functional imaging of tumor physiology based on oxygenation susceptibility and/or flow effects at high fields.

Applications of functional MRI in neuroscience: language, reading, attention, memory, visual processing, sensorimotor systems, physiological and functional difference between the normal and deaf subjects.

New applications of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) in animals and humans:

Development of DW-EPI techniques at 1.5 whole-body scanner and 9.4T small-bore scanner. Imaging of tumor oxygenation Development of intermolecular multiple-quantum coherence (iMQC) MR imaging technique.


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Research Supports

National Institutes of Health

University of Rochester


Jianhui Zhong
University of Rochester
601 Elmwood Ave.
Rochester, NY 14642

Lab Members

Ling-chih Lin

Ling-chih Lin - Ph.D - Student, Physics & Astronomy

Xiaoxu Liu

Xiaoxu Liu - Ph.D. - Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Wei Tan Wei Tian - Post-Doctorial Fellow, Radiology
Madelina Trivarius Madelina Trivarius - Post-Doctorial Fellow, Radiology and Rochester Center for Brain Imaging
Chung-ki Wong Chung-ki Wong - Ph.D. student, Physics & Astronomy
Tong Zhu - Ph.D. student, Biomedical Engineering Tong Zhu - Ph.D. student, Biomedical Engineering