Imaging Sciences (Radiology)

Cone Beam CT Imaging Lab

Ruola Ning - Director

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, 1989, University of Utah

Research Overview

Welcome to CBCT Laboatory home page, we are a research group at the University of Rochester, located at Strong Memorial Hospital, in Rochester New York. The group conducts research in a variety of different disciplines, which are described in the research page of this website.

The main research of the CBCT Lab is Breast imaging. There have been many beakthroughs in this field resulting from work done in this lab, and our published work may be accessed through the publications page.

We also conduct small animal research at the CBCT lab. We are always interested in new possible research areas and collaborators. If you have a research proposal or would like the CBCT lab to conduct small animal imaging scans for your paticular research please visit the 'contact us' page.

Our lab is capable of conducting scans in 10 sec with live animals that produce images that contain voxel size of 0.1843 mm after reconstruction. These can be viewed in 3-D and volume segmented. Please see the image gallery to see more of the images and videos we have created.


The Cone Beam CT Imaging Lab currently has several ongoing research projects. This is an overview of the current projects. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • 3-D cone-beam image reconstruction and processing.
  • Flat panel detector characterization
  • Cone Beam CT Image Quality, CT Calibration, Quantum Noise Characterization, Beam Hardening
  • Phase contrast CT imaging scatter correction in CT
  • Dual spectra CT reconstruction
  • DQE protocol

Large Scale Projects
There are also several larger projects going on. We are currently interested in Cone Beam CT breast imaging. Many of our lab members are currently working in conjunction with Koning Corporation to develop a prototype CBCT Breast imaging scanner.

Koning Corporation:
Koning is the first URMC startup of 2002, headed by Dr. Ruola Ning. Its patented 3-D Cone Beam Volume Computed Tomography is being developed to significantly improve early detection of breast cancer, and to provide noninvasive diagnosis and treatment planning. The technology can also be used to visualize tiny lung tumors and to provide accurate 3-D images of vessels. Located at the Rochester Technology Park , Koning is one of the first members of UTP.

Lennox Tech Enterprise Center
150 Lucius Gordon Drive, Suite 103
West Henrietta, NY 14586
(585) 214-2459


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Image Gallery

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Ruola Ning
University of Rochester Medical Center
601 Elmwood Ave.
Rochester, NY 14642


Lab Members

David ConoverDavid Conover - Lab Manager, Associate in Radiology


Ricardo Betancourt-BenitezRicardo Betancourt-Benitez - Graduate Student


Weixing CaiWeixing Cai- Graduate Student



Xianhua LuXianghua Lu - Researcher



Shaohua LiuShaohua Liu - Research Scholar



Dong YongDong Yong - Graduate Student



Xiaohua ZhangXiaohua Zhang - Graduate Student



Yan ZhangYan Zhang - Graduate Research Assistant