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UltraScan is an ultrasound scanning control system developed for Dogra's Ultrasound Imaging Lab. The hardware configuration is shown in Fig. 1. The controlling software is written in Matlab and Microsoft VC++. The ultrasound scanning process is controlled via a centralized software platform. The format of raw data acquired is native to Matlab so that any post-processing can be conveniently conducted utilizing Matlab’s strong computational power in signal processing, image processing, statistics analysis and other numerical analysis. The raw data acquired in every scanning job is saved as a single file which records all the necessary information for the ultrasound image formation and any further post-processing such as tissue characterization. The file includes the scanning geometry parameters, instrument setting parameters, transducer information, time axis array as well as the rf raw data array.

UltraScan can save all the current instrument settings into a configuration file. So next time user can load the configuration file back with no (or just minimal ) adjustment of the instruments. This makes it convenient to work with many different types of scanning jobs. This software has been designed to be user friendly and robust. Most instrumental and software exceptions or error can be caught. User can pause, stop or resume the scanning process when the scanning has started. User can manually set/get the positions of actuators/linear stages so that a single A-line can be easily acquired and used to adjust the axial distance of tissue sample and time-gating of the DSO. The software also provides the user any necessary information such as the scanning time or memory usage estimation during the scanning process.

Take a look of some sample images we obtained using this system.


Fig 1. Hardware Settings

UltraScan Software

Fig 2. UltraScan Software


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