Principal Investigator

Robert A. Bambara, Ph.D. University of Rochester work 601 Elmwood Ave Rochester NY 14642 office: KMRB 2-9649 p (585) 275-3269


IND 410 - Molecular Biology and Genetics

Spring Semester, 4 Cr.

Course Instructor

Course Description: This course is designed primarily for graduate students. One-hour lectures cover modern topics of interest, including DNA replication; DNA repair and mutagenesis, recombination and transposable elements; regulation of gene expression on prokaryotes; and regulation of eukaryotic transcription and RNA processing. Emphasis is placed on both biochemical and genetic approaches to the study of these problems. Special additional topics include genomics as an approach to regulation and mammalian genetic techniques of analysis. In addition to the lectures, workshops are held once a week to study further examples from the literature.

BCH 515 - Critical Thinking in Research Science

Fall Semester, 1 Cr.

Course Instructor

Course Description: Students present a history of experimental work leading to their research project. This includes a selection of published and unpublished work from their advisor's lab and other labs in the same field, providing a rationale for the project. Students conclude with a report of their published and preliminary data. Focus will be on interpreting experimental data and engaging student interactions.