Principal Investigator

Benjamin T. Crane, M.D., Ph.D. University of Rochester work Rochester NY p (585) 275-1210 f (585) 271-8552

Research Projects

  • Human Motion Perception and Visual Vestibular Integration

    Human Motion Perception and Visual Vestibular Integration

    Our sense of vertical, heading direction, and our motion perception are importation for ambulation, navigation, and spatial orientation. Head motion is sensed by the vestibular end organs in the inner ear, however perception is also influenced by visual cues, optic flow, auditory cues, proprioception, and motor efferent copy. During natural activities these cues are almost always congruent and hence redundant information is available to the central nervous system. This research project uses a hexapod motion platform which can deliver complex motion stimuli in all six degrees of freedom such as that achieved during ambulation. Other sensory stimuli can also be controlled or eliminated so that vestibular perception can be studied independently and the role of other factors can be isolated. More info...

  • Visual Motion Sensitivity in Migraine Associated Vertigo

    Visual Motion Sensitivity in Migraine Associated Vertigo

    The headache manifestation of migraine is well known to the public, but less well known is that migraine often produces dizziness symptoms. These dizziness symptoms are often present continuously throughout the day and although they often occur in patients who have a history of migraine headache, they are usually not temporally correlated with the headache symptoms. These dizziness symptoms often at their worst when riding in vehicles especially when attempting other tasks such as reading, walking down supermarket aisles, riding amusement park attractions, watching movies with significant camera motion or video games, and using computers applications which involve a scrolling screen. There are currently no good diagnostic tests to screen for this condition or assess its severity. More info...