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Computer Locations

Miner Library Public Computing

PC-compatible computers are available to visitors on a drop-in basis.

Hours: Same as Library Hours.

Miner Library Computing Center (Room 1-6051)

The Computing Center's computer resources are available to University of Rochester Medical Center students, faculty, and staff on a drop-in basis. Both PC and Macintosh computers are provided. In addition to the resources available at other computers in Miner, you will find statistical software, graphics applications and educational/training software on these desktops.

Hours: Computing Center hours are the same as Library Hours.

Teaching Learning Lab (Second Floor, Room 2-8513)

The Teaching Learning Lab contains 13 PC-compatible computers for medical student use. They access many of the resources available in the Computing Center including databases, the Internet, email, word processing and spreadsheet programs, and some instructional software.

Hours: 24-hour controlled access is available to medical students.

PBL Classrooms (12 Problem-Based-Learning Classrooms on the First and Second Floors)

Each of the PBL Classrooms contains one PC-compatible computer for medical student use. The same resources found on the computers in the Teaching Learning Lab are available on the PBL Classroom computers.

Hours: 24-hour controlled access is available to medical students.

Student Lounge

The Student Lounge, on the ground floor of the School, has 8 PCs, a Laser Printer, and a Flatbed scanner.

Hours: 24-hour controlled access is available to both medical and graduate students.


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