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Staff Directory (Service Areas)

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Administration and Finance


Sollenberger, Julie
Title: Associate VP and Director, Medical Center Libraries and Technologies
Email Address: Julia_Sollenberger@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-5194


Berryman, Donna
Title: Senior Associate Director, Medical Center Libraries & Technologies
Email Address: Donna_Berryman@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-6877
Liaison for: Neurobiology and Anatomy , Neurosurgery , Neurology , Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , School of Medicine & Dentistry , General Medicine , UR Ventures


Andersen, Susan
Title: Administrator, Medical Center Libraries and Technologies
Email Address: Susan_Andersen@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-3363


Lynch, Patricia
Title: Secretary
Email Address: PatriciaS_Lynch@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 273-4868


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Bioinformatics Consulting and Education


McMurray, Helene
Title: Head, Bioinformatics Consulting and Education Service
Email Address: Helene_McMurray@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-6940
Liaison for: Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology , Microbiology & Immunology , Biostatistics and Computational Biology , Genetics , Medical Informatics , Biomedical Genetics , Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) , Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation (HSCCI) , Pharmacology and Physiology


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Branch Libraries


Porcello, Lorraine
Title: Branch Librarian, Eastman Institute of Oral Biology; and Highland Hospital
Email Address: Lorraine_Porcello@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-3247 (EIOH); 341-6761 (HH)
Liaison for: Highland Hospital , Eastman Dental Center


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Computing and Information Systems


Clary, Steve
Title: Head
Email Address: Steve_Clary@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-3286


Huff, Dallas
Title: Analyst/Programmer
Email Address: Dallas_Huff@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-3624


Luisi, Jennifer
Title: User Services Coordinator
Email Address: Jennifer_Luisi@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 276-3471


MacKenzie, Colin
Title: Applications Programmer
Email Address: Colin_Mackenzie@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 276-3472


Morrison, William
Title: Analyst/Programmer
Email Address: William_Morrison@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-6944


Nichols, Thomas
Title: Analyst/Programmer
Email Address: Tom_Nichols@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 273-5003


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Information and Resource Management


Dixon, Angela
Title: Head
Email Address: Angela_Dixon@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-6943
Liaison for: Obstetrics and Gynecology , Imaging Sciences


Atkins, Susan
Title: Manager, Answer Desk
Email Address: Susan_Atkins@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-3390


Barry, Kathleen
Title: Stack Attendant
Email Address: Kathleen_Barry@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 273-4408


Carr, Dennis
Title: Answer Desk and ILL Assistant
Email Address: Dennis_Carr@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-5787


Love, Susan
Title: Cataloging & Serials Unit Supervisor
Email Address: Susan_Love@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-6769


McCarthy, Jennifer
Title: Acquisitions Assistant
Email Address: Jennifer_McCarthy@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-4603


Skye Meli, Tracy
Title: Answer Desk and ILL Assistant
Email Address: Tracy_Meli@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-3382


Watts, Ray
Title: Answer Desk Assistant and Student Supervisor
Email Address: Ray_Watts@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 276-3474


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Online Learning


Delia, Catherine
Title: Head
Email Address: Catherine_Delia@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 273-4867


Calhoun, Helen
Title: e-Learning Specialist
Email Address: Helen_Calhoun@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 276-3473


Cherry, Tracy
Title: Instructional Design Specialist
Email Address: Tracy_Cherry@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-4880


Kunz, Carolyn
Title: Instructional Design Specialist
Email Address: Carolyn_Kunz@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-4876


Lewis, Shaun
Title: Software Specialist
Email Address: Shaun_Lewis@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 276-5732


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Rare Books and Manuscripts


Hoolihan, Christopher
Title: Head
Email Address: Christopher_Hoolihan@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-2979


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Research and Education


Liljequist, Karen
Title: Liaison Program Manager
Email Address: Karen_Liljequist@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 273-4869
Liaison for: Pediatrics , Psychiatry , Radiation Oncology , Monroe Community Hospital , Palliative Care , Social Work/Patient and Family Centered Care , Pharmacy , Hematology , Gastroenterology , Geriatric Medicine , Oncology/Cancer Center , Hospital Medicine


Hasman, Linda
Title: CTSI Liaison Services Librarian
Email Address: Linda_Hasman@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 275-3399
Liaison for: Environmental Medicine , Anesthesiology , Orthopaedics and Center for Musculoskeletal Research , PACU/Same Day Surgery , Surgery , Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute , Public Health Sciences , Allergy/Immunology/Rheumatology , Cardiology , Endocrinology


Trout, Daniel
Title: Nursing Liaison Librarian
Email Address: Daniel_Trout@urmc.rochester.edu
Phone Number: 276-3475
Liaison for: School of Nursing (SON) , Ophthalmology , Pathology and Laboratory Medicine , Urology , Nursing Education , Nursing Methods Office , Nursing Leadership Institute , Council of Nursing Education , Nephrology , Thompson Health


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