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Research Focus - Platelets, HIV and Inflammation:
A HANDful of projects in the Maggirwar Lab

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Ayse Kizilyer
Grad Student

Neurotrophin signaling in megakaryocytes

Joe Jackson
Grad Student

CD40L induced pericyte death

Donna Davidson
Grad Student

CD40L induced changes in BBB permeability


Letitia Jones
Grad Student

CD40L induced Shh signaling

Ryan Connor
Grad Student

Platelet mediated monocyte maturation

Alicia Wooten
PREP Student

Role of ARMS in microglia activation

Michelle Kiebala
Research Assistant Professor
NF-kappaB signaling in platelets during HIV infection
Vir Singh
HIV humanized mouse model
Meera Singh
Platelet - monocyte complex formation

This is what we do

Despite the use of antiretroviral therapies, a majority of HIV infected individuals still develop HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND), indicating that host inflammatory mediators, in addition to viral proteins, may be contributing to these disorders. Our lab is interested in determining the mechanisms by which host factors are contributing to these disorders, with a large focus on alterations to the blood brain barrier (BBB) during infection that allow infiltration of the CNS by activated leukocytes. Specifically, we are focusing on the dysregulation of signaling events within platelets, leading to pro-inflammatory complications, as well as other cell types that are involved in regulation of the BBB such as pericytes, astrocytes, and endothelial cells that make up the neurovascular unit.






Former Members of the Lab

Ph.D. Students:
2002-2006  Ziye Sui, Neuroscience (Current position: Private Sector, China)
2003-2008  Lynn Sniderhan Gottfried, IMV (Current position: Technical Specialist, LeClair Ryan
                       Law Firm, Rochester, NY)
2006-2010  Michelle M. Kiebala, IMV (Current position: Research Assistant Professor,
                      Microbiology & Immunology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY)
2007-2009  Emily Desmet, IMV (Current position: Postdoc, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)

2001-2001  Suresh Joshi (Current position: Director, Surgical & Nosocomial Infections
                       Pathogenesis Program, Drexel University).
2002-2004  Attila Kovacs (Current position: Assistant Scientist, Sanford Health, University of
                       South Dakota).
2008-2009   Lynn Sniderhan Gottfried (Current position: Technical Specialist, LeClair Ryan Law
                       Firm, Rochester, NY)
2010-2012:  Michelle Kiebala, (Current position: Research Assistant Professor,
                       Microbiology & Immunology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY)

Undergraduates Students:
2001  James Bradley, SURF Participant
2002  James Bradley,  Undergraduate Independent  Research (MBI 395)
2002  Stephen Bowen, SURF Participant
2003  Mahmoud El Yassir, SURF Participant
2003  Ning Jin, GEBS Summer Scholar Program Participant
2004  Ning Jin, Master's Course by Research (RIT)
2004   Yara Z. Feliciano, SURF Participant
2005   Dan Marker, GEBS Participant
2006   Donna Davidson, GEBS Participant
2009   Owen Deland, Undergraduate Independent Research (MBI 395)
2010-11  Julianna Dainotto, Undergraduate Independent Research (MBI 395)
2011-12  Dorota Stobierska, Undergraduate Independent Research (MBI 395)

Laboratory Technicians:
1998-00      Servio Ramirez
1999-00       Christopher Dimitri
2000-02       Lynn Sniderhan Gottfried
2000-03       Andrea Williamson
2002-04       Shikha Chakraborty-Sett
2005-06       Yara Z. Feliciano (PREP Trainee)
2006-07       Julyann Perez-Mayoral (PREP Trainee)
2006             Michael Burgart
2007-07       Jenny Min
2007-09       Malik Kabir
2009             Christopher Burgart
2009-2010  Joseph Jackson (PREP Trainee)
2009-2011  Michael Hirschman
2009­2011  Cherissre Tyrell-Boateng (PREP trainee)


Sanjay Maggirwar
Associate Professor of
Microbiology & Immunology

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University of Rochester
School of Medicine
and Dentistry
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Rochester, New York 14642

Phone: (585) 273-2276
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