Benjamin Cross


  •  2012 Melville A. Hare Award for Excellence in Teaching


Benjamin Cross (Ben) received a bachelors of science degreeBenjamin Cross
in microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2010.
While attending Pitt, he worked in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence
studying intestinal ecology, specifically, the coevolution of predatory
amoeba and their prey, Salmonella enterica. Ben joined the IMV Ph.D.
program at the University of Rochester in the fall of 2010, and started
his thesis research project in the lab of Dr. Robert Quivey the next
year. In Dr. Quivey’s lab, Ben studies how PlsX, the first protein in
the phospholipid synthesis pathway, influences the acid adaptation
of Streptococcus mutans, one of the primary causes of dental caries
(cavities). Outside of his thesis research, Ben has been a group leader
in the the UR Science Buddies program, teaching elementary school students
about science with hands-on lessons and experiments.

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