Interest Groups

History of Medicine—Corner Society

The George Washington Corner Society, named after the University of Rochester's first professor of anatomy, is a group of physicians, students and other participants interested in the history of medicine. The group meets 5-6 evenings each year; each event begins with a social hour followed by lecture on an historical subject.

Dr. Laurence Guttmacher is the Chair of the Corner Society. He can be reached at Additional contact: membership –

Reader's Theatre Group

Students, residents, faculty and actors from the local community meet on occasion to rehearse and perform short reader's theatre plays at the medical center and in the community. Contact: Stephanie Brown Clark, phone: (585) 275-5800.

Medical Humanities and Bioethics Noon Conferences

End of Life Decision-Making for Pediatric Patients with Developmental / Intellectual Disabilities

Presented by Marianne Chiafery, PNP-C, MS, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Wednesday, Nov 5, 2014,
12-1 pm

Room K-207 (2-6408)


Piss-Prophets, Percussion and More: A Medical History of Technologies to Examine the Patient

Presented by Stephanie Brown Clark, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Medical Humanities & Bioethics

Friday, Nov 14, 2014,
12-1 pm

Room K-207 (2-6408)