Clinical Conference Schedule

Thursday Morning Conferences

Includes Radiology Conference, Research Conference, Clinical Conference, Journal Club, and Grand Rounds


Sept 18th     8:30 am    Granulomatuous and Lymphocycitic Interstitial Lung Disease in CVID
                                             Dr. Jack Routes

Sept 25th     7 am          Fellow Patient Safety Training
                      9:15 am    Case Conundrum

Oct 2nd        8 am          Radiology Conference
                      9:15 am    Journal Club

Oct 9th         8 am          Clinical Conference: Dr. Palma
                      9 am         Case Conundrum

Oct 16th      8 am          Clinical Conference: Dr. Mortezavi
                     9 am          Clinical Conference: Dr. Lomas
                     9:30 am    Case Conundrum

Oct 23rd     8 am          Case Conference: Dr. Barnas
                    9 am           Case Conundrum

Oct 30th     8 am          AIR Derm Conference


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