Geriatrics & Aging

Affiliated Nursing Homes

URMC geriatricians provide care to senior residents in a variety of enriched care settings.

Monroe Community Hospital

Monroe Community Hospital (MCH), a 566-bed county owned long term care facility, remains one of the premier teaching nursing homes in the country. MCH accommodates a diverse population with unique and complex care needs making it the ideal home for the Geriatric Medicine Fellowship program.

MCH is home to the University of Rochester's Geriatric Assessment Program and also houses the regional offices of AARP, the Alzheimer's Association and Monroe County's Office for the Aging . Reflecting the Division's commitment to further integrate allopathic and non-allopathic medicine, Paul Dougherty DC and Barry Wiese DC, through their association with New York Chiropractic College (NYCC), have established one of the first of its kind chiropractic clinics at MCH specifically targeting chronically ill and older adults. This clinic serves as one of the core experiences in the developing geriatric curriculum for NYCC students.

Highlands at Brighton

The Highlands at Brighton (HAB) nursing facility provides high quality and sub specialty care to patients in need of complex services beyond the scope of most nursing homes. In conjunction with the University's Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, HAB operates a 20-bed chronic ventilator care unit. The neurobehavioral unit, in collaboration with the University's Department of Psychiatry, provides sensitive and compassionate care to residents in need of specialized behavioral interventions. With support from Physical Medicine Specialists and a dedicated team of rehabilitation therapists, the transitional care unit at HAB provides services to residents whose complexity exceeds the capabilities of most other nursing homes.

Highlands Living Center

The Highlands Living Center (HLC) is a continuum of care environment including independent living, adult day care, assisted living, and skilled nursing care. Division faculty provide primary care and sub specialty services to residents across the spectrum. The site's dialysis unit is unique among skilled nursing facilities in the region. Training of medical students, residents, graduate nurse students and other allied health professionals occurs on campus.