Geriatrics & Aging

UR Medicine's Geriatrics Group

UR Medicine's Geriatrics Group brings integrated care programs to patients at partner assisted living facilities and nursing home throughout the area.

The highly trained geriatric specialists that are part of this group practice provide a complete spectrum of geriatric medical services, including on-call acute care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UR Medicine's Geriatrics Group provides primary geriatrics care at thirteen Skilled Nursing Facilities and medical direction in eight of these same facilities. Primary care is also offered through UR Medicine's Geriatrics to seventeen assisted living facilities and enriched housing units. Comprehensive care is delivered seven days a week by fourteen physicians and twenty physician assistants (PA) and nurse practitioners (NP). Overall the group covers 3,000 of the frailest seniors in the Greater Rochester area and is a primary teaching site for geriatric medicine fellows as well as local PA and NP training programs.

UR Medicine's Geriatrics Group also offers:

  • Administrative services, including medical directorship for senior facilities
  • Quality assurance programs to help senior facilities adopt leading-edge ideas in care giving
  • Infection control and how to manage infections in senior living facilities
  • Inpatient care-residents who require hospitalization are treated at the Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit at Highland Hospital

Visit UR Medicine's Geriatrics Group website.