Keith Nehrke

1 R01GM087483
Nehrke PI
C. Elegans and Mitchondrial K+ Channels
Nehrke PI
Neuroprotection by a Nuclear Carbonic Anhydrase
in C. Elegans
Nehrke PI
Integrated Calcium and pH Signaling in C. Elegans

The focus of our laboratory is on integrative physiology, and in particular on understanding how membrane electrolyte flux and pH regulation influences viability and behavior in a whole organism. Our approach has been to use the genetic model C. elegans and novel, fluorescent based methods for measuring cell (or organelle) specific fluctuations in the level of physiologic signaling molecules such as calcium, cAMP, protons, potassium, and reactive oxygen species in live, unrestrained worms. Our goal is to develop a deeper understanding of how cell autonomous signaling processes are integrated to mediate the environmental sensitivity and functional output exhibited by live animals. We believe that this combination of physiology and genetics will allow us to discover unique mechanisms whereby cells communicate information in their native context. The two projects that are currently funded center around defining the functional intersection between calcium and proton signaling during a rhythmic behavior and determining the molecular identity of mitochondrial potassium channels that are essential for ischemic preconditioning.