Histology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Imaging (HBMI) Core

Composite of histology images

Mission Statement:

The primary mission of the HBMI Core is to provide efficient, high quality, and cost-effective histological, biochemical, cellular, and molecular services to investigators throughout the Center for Musculoskeletal Research using both tissue and cellular models. The HBMI Core also provides cutting-edge histomorphometric and molecular imaging and analysis services and resources as well as consultation and training in the use of primary cell culture models and small animal surgical models

Services include:

  • Paraffin and frozen tissue processing, embedding, and sectioning.
  • Histological staining.
  • Guidance and support for standardized Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and In Situ Hybridization (ISH).
  • Optimization of new IHC and ISH protocols.
  • Guidance and support for histomorphometric and molecular imaging analysis.
  • Development and support of various primary cell culture models and biochemical assays.
  • Training and support in the performance of a variety of small animal musculoskeletal surgical models.

Technical Staff :

Sarah Mack
Sarah Mack, Lab Tech V

Kathy Maltby

Kathy Maltby, Lab Tech IV (Histology)

Martin Chang

Martin Chang

(Slide Scanning and Imaging)

Longze Zhang

Longze Zhang


Equipment Scheduling (For Internal Use Only):

Microtome Signup (Calendar)

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Visiopharm Signup (Calendar)


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