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Chili Volunteer Ambulance Service (CVAS)

Sign language proficient staff
Short Description:
The Chili Volunteer Ambulance provides emergency and non-emergency medical services to the residents of the Town of Chili. On occasion, CVAS services are requested by neighboring communities and are p
Detailed Description:
Two or 3 staff members of CVAS only know some basic sign language. ***IT IS NOT GUARANTEED THEY WILL BE ON SCENE WHEN CALLED FOR THEIR ATTENTION!***

A packet of basic sign language is placed in each ambulance that is available to assist our crews communicate with deaf patients. The packet includes simple A-Z letter hand signing, and phrases, such as "Are you hurt" , "Where is your pain", "Are you having trouble breathing.. and more. The packet also includes pictures to help EMS crews communicate various patient needs.
3320 Chili Avenue
Rochester, NY 14624

Contact Person: Bill Arnold
Phone: (585) 889-2873
Fax: none
VP: none
TTY: none