Education & Training Committee

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The NCDHR Education and Training Committee is charged with developing and executing NCDHR training programs for students, faculty, providers, and community members.


Individuals who are members of the Education and Training Committee include:

  • NCDHR Education and Training Team Leader (Chair)
  • Selected individuals invited by the chair, with expertise and interest in Deaf and hard-of-hearing issues, medicine and healthcare, and Deaf education. Membership is voluntary. There are no term limits.

Current Members

Nancy Chin

Nancy Chin, PhD, MPH

Education and Training Committee Chair

Associate Professor , Department of Public Health Sciences

Gerry Bateman Laurie Brewer Kim Kelstone

Gerry Bateman, EdD


Master of Science in Secondary Education for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, NTID

Laurie Brewer, PhD

Vice Dean and Associate Vice President,
Academic Affairs, NTID

Kim Kelstone, CI/CT

Staff Interpreter

John T. Reid Carolyn Stern

John T. Reid, MEd

DHCC Past Chair / Senior Admissions Counselor, NTID

Carolyn Stern, M.D.

Urgent Care Physician,
Excel Medical Care,

Primary Care Physician,
Unity Health System

Founder and Partner,

Medical Director,
Rochester School for the Deaf

Research Opportunities

Deaf Health Survey 2013

DHS 2013 thermometer

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To sign up for this survey, email Kelly Matthews.