Executive Committee


The RPRC:NCDHR Executive Committee is charged with overseeing the financial and administrative affairs of the RPRC:NCDHR, overseeing evaluation activities, and providing leadership to the organization. Executive Committee meets weekly with all meetings made accessible with interpreters and real time captioning.


Individuals who are members of the Executive Committee include:

  • RPRC:NCDHR Program Director (Chair)
  • RPRC:NCDHR Associate Director
  • Chairs of the Research, Communication/Dissemination, and Education/Training Committees
  • RPRC:NCDHR Lead Evaluator
  • RPRC:NCDHR Administrator
  • CTSI Senior Administrator
  • Senior Health Project Coordinator
  • A representative of the DHCC (this may be a rotation position, as determined appropriate by the DHCC)
  • A representative of the HL2 (this may be a rotation position, as determined appropriate by the HL2)


*ROTATION: Members of the DHCC leadership team and the HL2 leadership team will take turns sitting on the Executive Committee.

Steven Barnett

Steven Barnett, M.D.

Executive Committee Chair

Principal Investigator / Program Director Research Committee Chair

Rochester Prevention Research Center: National Center for Deaf Health Research

Associate Professor,

Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Public Health Sciences

University of Rochester Medical Center




*photo by Mark Benjamin
Nancy Chin Mary Chizuk Kathleen Jensen

Nancy Chin, PhD, MPH

RPRC:NCDHR Education & Training Committee Chair

Mary Chizuk, RN, MSed

Co-Chair, Healthy Living with Hearing Loss (HL2)

Kathleen Jensen, RN MHSA

Executive Director of Finance

Don BatailleDave KoonElise DePapp
Don Bataille Dave Koon Elise DePapp


Jamie Marsden
Camille Martina
Beth Metlay

Jamie Marsden, MSSED

Secretary IV

Camille Martina, PhD

RPRC:NCDHR Lead Program Evaluator


Beth Metlay , MSW

Chair, Deaf Health Community Committee (DHCC)

Matt StarrAlicia Lane-Outlaw

Matt Starr /

Alicia Lane-Outlaw

  Erika Sutter


Erika Sutter, MPH

Senior Health Project Coordinator

Research Opportunities

Deaf Health Survey 2013

Thermometer DHS 2013

To learn more about the Deaf Health Survey 2013, click here.

To sign up for this survey, email Kelly Matthews.