Research Committee

Research Committee 2014


The NCDHR Research Committee is charged with developing research methodologies, carry out research projects and disseminating research findings. This body is also charged with helping to find funding to continue our research goals and fulfilling our commitments to funding agencies as they pertain to research activities.

The Research Committee will also be responsible for maintaining an Academic Publications Plan.


Individuals who are on the Research Committee include:

  • Committee Chair
  • NCDHR Health Project Coordinators
  • NCDHR faculty and staff that are supported under the NCDHR's core grant or other grants (directly or through subcontracts) to contribute to NCDHR research efforts.
  • Selected individuals, invited by the Research Committee chair, with expertise and interest in Deaf and hard-of-hearing health issues.

Current Members

Steve Barnett

Steven Barnett, MD

Research Committee Chair

Principal Investigator / Program Director

Rochester Prevention Research Center
National Center for Deaf Health Research

Associate Professor
Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Pucli He
University of Rochester Medical Center

Tamala David Lori DeWindt Kim Kelstone

Tamala David, MS, MPA, FNP, PhD

Preventive Cardiology Fellow

Lori DeWindt, MSW

Health Project Coordinator

Kim Kelstone, CI/CT

Staff Interpreter

Kelly Matthews Amanda O'Hearn Bob Pollard

Kelly Matthews, BSW

Health Project Coordinator

Amanda O'Hearn, PhD


Robert Pollard, PhD


Jackie Pranksy Vince Samar Scott Smith

Jackie Pransky, BS

Research Assistant

Vincent Samar, PhD

Researcher at NTID

Scott Smith, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor / Researcher

Erika Sutter Hongmei Yang  

Erika Sutter, MPH

Senior Health Project Coordinator

Hongmei Yang, PhD

Statistician at Biostatistics and Computational Biology


Research Opportunities

Deaf Health Survey 2013

DHS 2013 thermometer

To learn more about the Deaf Health Survey 2013, click here.

To sign up for this survey, email Kelly Matthews.