Deaf Health Community Committee (DHCC)

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One of RPRC:NCDHR's primary community partners is the Deaf Health Community Committee (DHCC). The DHCC is a self-governing body of 18-25 people, of whom more than half must be Deaf people who communicate primarily in American Sign Language (ASL).

The DHCC provides a Deaf community perspective on plans and priorities for all NCHDR activities. In particular, the DHCC participates in the design of research projects, carrying them out, and in interpreting research results. DHCC members assist with many RPRC:NCDHR projects and activities. The DHCC advocates for the Deaf community in all that the RPRC:NCDHR does, and shares the Deaf community's reactions and insights with RPRC:NCDHR.

DHCC logo

DHCC logo

The DHCC logo was created by Val Nelson-Metlay, the current Chair of the DHCC and Deaf community member.

When asked about her inspiration for the DHCC logo, Val Nelson-Metlay stated:

Val Nelson-MetlayI wanted to emphasize "H" (health) and to make it joyful and healthy. I showed H as a person because this is a community committee. I also wanted to use ASL cultural use of letters. Often (in the Deaf community) we spell out initials (i.e. RRCD, RSD, etc.) of various Deaf organizations. Green was suggested as a symbol of health, so I used that. I followed RPRC:NCDHR's style of swashes, hoping that it will show cooperation, similar goals, and partnership between these two organizations.

Research Opportunities

Deaf Health Survey 2013

Thermometer DHS 2013

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To sign up for this survey, email Kelly Matthews.