Ms. Clara Vigelette
Neurology Residency Program Administrator

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Neurology Academic Research Track (NeuroART)

There is an increasing demand for physician-scientists who are sufficiently trained to become academic, tenure-track faculty in the basic and clinical neurosciences. Barriers to junior physicians choosing an academic research career have been identified and include: accrual of significant educational debt, increased GME regulation of training with limited exposure to research, and a lack of mentoring during the formative years of career development. New models of post-graduate research training coupled with loan repayment initiatives instituted by the federal government have resulted in modest gains in the physician-scientist career pipeline.

To address this problem, we have established a flexible resident training program called the Neurology Academic Research Track (NeuroART).  The overall goal of this program is to train the next generation of independent academic neurologists by providing the necessary support to allow qualified trainees to build a cohesive and sustainable research program.  The University of Rochester has a long track record of excellence in the biomedical sciences and in training academic clinicians in basic and clinical neuroscience.  NeuroART builds on this strength providing individualized training that combines the essential components of a clinical residency in Neurology with a strong continuous research program commensurate with a one-year post-doctoral fellowship. The program is enhanced by a variety of didactic, seminar, workshop, and advisorship experiences that are targeted toward, and supportive of, career development in the basic or clinical neurosciences.

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