Department of Neurology Strategic Plan, 2013-18


The University of Rochester and the University of Rochester Medical Center each have recently completed a Strategic Planning Process within which we aim to excel and achieve our goals (will link to these strategic plans).

The Department’s Strategic Plan is moving from vision to reality. Among the important highlights of this work are:

  • Goal 1: To implement a radically transformed neurological clinical practice to prepare for and thrive in population health management.
  • Goal 2: The bidirectional and optimized integration of research and research training across the research spectrum (bench to patients; patients to community). Achieve better linkages with neuroscience research community and clinical programs and leverage methods of services and implementation research using enabling technologies.
  • Goal 3: To maintain the excellence of our medical student and graduate medical education programs, while improving our undergraduate pipeline program, developing career pathways for residents, fellows, advanced practice providers, and bolstering our faculty development efforts. Pursue additional training opportunities in neuroscience resident/fellow training, neuro-intensive care, experimental therapeutics, headache and international partnerships.
  • Goal 4: The development of a cadre of Division Chiefs, Associate Chairs, and Administrative Leaders who reflect and take ownership of strategic goals of the department and who are the next generation of departmental and institutional leadership.
  • Goal 5: To design and implementation of a Public Relations and Marketing campaign that serves development objectives and faculty, provider and trainee recruitment efforts, in addition to reputation-building.
  • Goal 6: To develop a revenue enhancement, expense control and compensation model that will bring a consistent positive profit/loss margin and create financial sustainability for the department.

Strategic Planning Timeline