Clinical Neurophysiology

Neurology Fellowship Programs


  • Eric Logigian, M.D., Program Director
  • Emma Ciafaloni, M.D., EMG Fellowship Director
  • Lynn Liu, M.D., EEG Fellowship Director

Epilepsy/EEG Faculty:

  • Michel J. Berg, M.D.
  • Gretchen Birbeck, M.D., M.P.H.
  • James Burchfiel, Ph.D.
  • Michael Chilungu, M.D.
  • Giuseppe Erba, M.D.
  • A. James Fessler, III, M.D.
  • Robert A. Gross, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Inna Hughes, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Adam Juersivich, M.D.
  • Lynn Liu, M.D.
  • Olga Selioutski, D.O.
  • Laurie Seltzer, D.O.
  • David Wang, M.D.
  • Thomas Wychowski, M.D.

Sleep Faculty:

  • Lynn Liu, M.D.
  • Jonathan Marcus, M.D.
  • Michael Yurcheshen, M.D.

Neuromuscular EMG Faculty:

  • Emma Ciafaloni, M.D.
  • Robert C. Griggs, M.D.
  • Chad Heatwole, M.D.
  • David N. Herrmann, M.D.
  • Eric Logigian, M.D.
  • Richard T. Moxley, III, M.D.
  • Michael Stanton, M.D.
  • Rabi Tawil, M.D.
  • Charles A. Thornton, M.D.

This ACGME-accredited fellowship provides intensive training in diagnosis and management of patients with neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy and sleep disorders with emphasis on electrodiagnostic techniques.

This fellowship provides strong foundation in all aspects of Clinical Neurophysiology and is accredited by the RRC. It meets eligibility requirements to sit for the sub-specialty board examination in Clinical Neurophysiology.

There is access to a large teaching faculty in the Neuromuscular/EMG, Epilepsy/EEG/EP, and Sleep units of the Neurology Department at URMC.

Duration of fellowship: 1 year

Number of fellows per year: 2

Contact Person: Eric L. Logigian, M.D.
Phone: 585-275-4568
Fax: 585-273-1254