URMC Neurology

Neuromuscular Disease Unit

The Neuromuscular Disease Center provides diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of Neuromuscular diseases in both adults and children. Within the Neuromuscular Disease Center, there are several specialty clinics that include the ALS Clinic, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Clinic / Neuromuscular Clinic, Neuropathy Clinic, and the Periodic Paralysis, Myotonia, and the Episodic Ataxia Clinic. The Neuromuscular labs include the URMC EMG Lab and the neuropathology lab.
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Research in the Neuromuscular Disease Center includes therapeutic trials, pathophysiology, animal and cellular models of disease, molecular genetic alterations, pathomechanisms and identification of new treatments of neuromuscular diseases. Our goals are to understand the molecular pathology and its relationship to the metabolic alterations that cause the manifestations of each disease and to develop more rational approaches to their treatment.
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Neuromuscular Disease Center Faculty
Emma Ciafaloni, M.D.
Robert C. Griggs, M.D.
Chad Heatwole, M.D.
David Herrmann, M.D.
Eric Logigian, M.D.
Richard Moxley III, M.D.
Shreedevi Pandya, R.P.T., M.S.
Araya Puwanant, MD
Michael Stanton, M.D.
Jeffrey Statland, MD
Al-Rabi Tawil, M.D.
Charles Thornton, M.D.
Paul Twydell, D.O.
Dr. Eric Logigian

Eric L. Logigian, M.D.
Unit Chief