URMC Neurology

Strong Epilepsy Center

The Strong Epilepsy Center is a multidisciplinary team that strives to improve quality of life by identifying, in children and adults, the particular type of seizure and subsequently developing an individualized medical and/or surgical treatment plan. The Strong Epilepsy Center includes the Electroencephalogram (EEG) Lab and the Evoked Potential (EP) Lab
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Research in Epilepsy and Brain Electrophysiology includes both basic and clinical work. Our goals are to understand the structural, genetic, and electrophysiological mechanisms underlying epilepsy and to improve the treatment and quality of life of people with epilepsy. Key elements are the Strong Epilepsy Center and the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory.
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Strong Epilepsy Center Faculty
Michel Berg, M.D.
James Burchfiel, Ph.D.
Giuseppe Erba, M.D.
A James Fessler, M.D.
Robert Gross, M.D., Ph.D.
John T. Langfitt, Ph.D.
Lynn Liu, M.D.
Olga Selioutski, DO
David Wang, M.D.
Dr. James Fessler

A James Fessler, M.D.
Unit Chief