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UR Medicine Primary Care, Golisano Children’s Hospital Recertified as Top Level Patient-Centered Medical Homes »
April 17, 2014

UR Medicine’s Center for Primary Care and Golisano Children’s Hospital have been nationally re-certified at the highest level for using evidenced-based, patient-centric processes that focus on highly coordinated care and long-term relationships between patients and their health care providers.

Off-Season Doesn’t Allow Brain to Recover from Football Hits, Study Says »
April 16, 2014

Six months off may not be long enough for the brains of football players to completely heal after a single season, putting them at even greater risk of head injury the next season.

How are Depression and Memory Loss Connected? »
April 14, 2014

A preliminary study conducted by researchers from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and the School of Nursing delves more deeply into the relationship between depression and memory loss, and how this connection may depend on levels of insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1.

Health Industry Magazine Puts Strong Memorial Among 100 Great Hospitals »
April 10, 2014

Patient- and family-centered care, quality/safety improvement, and smart management of resources at Strong Memorial Hospital have become standard refrains in UR Medicine’s anthem. And now, the pledge to deliver Medicine of the Highest Order has elevated the hospital to a new class.

Allegany Carpenter Awaits Heart Transplant, Urges Organ Donation »
April 10, 2014

Terry Zink’s skilled hands have turned logs into homes and furniture over the past four decades. But today he needs something that he can’t build – a new heart.

Crush Cancer Concert Honors Children's Hospital Patient and Helps Others »
April 10, 2014

Friends and family of Hannah Metzler, a Fairport High School (FHS) junior and UR Medicine’s Golisano Children’s Hospital patient who passed away last month after a battle with brain cancer, will gather in memory of Hannah at the second Crush Cancer Concert at 2 p.m. April 19, at the FHS auditorium.