Reaction from Around the University

Dr. Bradford Berk

Bradford C. Berk, M.D., Ph.D., University of Rochester Medical Center CEO
“With our new Strategic Plan, we’re staking our reputation for innovation and excellence on areas of emerging science and “Integrated Disease Programs.” These are centered around diseases and conditions that are not only on the rise in terms of prevalence, but are disciplines in which URMC already brings a lot to the table nationally and internationally. In the plan, there was never a question that Neuromedicine had to be one of our top priorities. Now the Del Monte Neuromedicine Institute is a critical flagstone in this academic medical center’s path to Medicine of the Highest Order.”

Steven A. Goldman, M.D., Ph.D.

Steven A. Goldman, M.D., Ph.D. Chairman - Department of Neurology - School of Medicine and Dentistry
“Neuromedicine is one of the cornerstones of the Medical Center’s scientific and clinical future. The Department of Neurology is in the midst of an exciting and aggressive expansion, with a university-wide consolidation of basic and clinical neuroscience disciplines, for the shared purpose of achieving an integrated, translationally-oriented program in neuromedicine. Ernie and Thelma’s generous gift will enable the Medical Center to strengthen its basic and clinical research programs by giving our scientists the resources and state-of-the-art facilities necessary to advance their work and help catapult URMC into the ranks of premier institutions in the study of neural stem cell biology, glial biology, and translational neuromedicine.”

Dr. David Guzick

David S. Guzick, M.D., Ph.D., Dean of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
“Ernie and Thelma’s generous contribution enables us to complete this building in the way in which it was always conceived: four full stories of scientists. It creates the capacity to continue the Medical School’s growth as part of a major research university. And, it allows us, at last, to name this building in a way that reflects the significance of the work that’s done inside.”

Edmund A. Hajim

Edmund A. Hajim, Chairman, University of Rochester Board of Trustees
“The Del Monte gift offers the University of Rochester a very special opportunity to emerge as a national leader in the field of brain diseases.  With the Ernest J. Del Monte Neuromedicine Institute, Ernie has once again proven his ability to combine leadership and generosity to produce outstanding results.”

Peter Lennie

Peter Lennie, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Sciences and Engineering
“The Ernest J. Del Monte Neuromedicine Institute will provide an outstanding environment for scientific collaboration on fundamentally important problems of brain function. I am especially pleased that the Institute will reinforce the partnership between our distinguished faculty in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and their colleagues in the Medical Center.”

Elissa L. Newport

Elissa L. Newport, Ph.D., Chair and George Eastman Professor of Brain and Cognitive Science
“My colleagues in Brain and Cognitive Science and I are thrilled to be involved in this cross-campus initiative to understand better the mysteries of the brain and to find new clues for neurological disorders. We are particularly grateful to the Del Monte family for giving us the opportunity to forge this new future.”

Webster H. Pilcher

Webster H. Pilcher, M.D., Ph.D. Chairman - Department of Neurosurgery - School of Medicine and Dentistry
“The looming epidemic of brain diseases will likely become the major health and economic challenge of the 21st century. To confront this challenge, we must unravel the mysteries of the human brain and harness this knowledge to restore the damaged brain to normal function. With this gift from Ernie and Thelma, and with the dedication of the Del Monte Neuromedicine Institute, we have the opportunity to come together and to lead in the eradication of brain diseases by quickly translating basic brain science discoveries into new and effective therapies for patients.”


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