Opening Letter from Board Chair

Ron ZarrellaAs the region’s leading health care organization, the University of Rochester Medical Center touches our community in ways that few can imagine.  Insightful science, transformative teaching, compassionate care and community outreach are the products of thousands of faculty, administrators, employees, and volunteers.  Behind the scenes is a group of equally committed leaders who link the Medical Center to the community as members of the University of Rochester Medical Center Board. 

Each of us is honored to serve, bringing a wealth of financial, operational, and strategic planning expertise honed in diverse environments.  Our community trusts us to ensure that the Medical Center reflects the values of those it serves.  We are expected to oversee sound financial performance and operational efficiency. We are asked to serve as institutional advocates, pushing for public policies that support the Medical Center’s mission.  Ultimately, we are held accountable for how well we take care of patients. 

In 2009, the URMC Board embraced as its own the Strategic Plan’s highest patient care goal:  to provide the highest-quality, safest, most attentive patient care possible.  Even in the complex world of health care many of the quality production processes forged in other industries can be applicable.  Through quality retreats, regular board meetings and committee meetings, URMC Board members have carefully listened, asked important questions, and shared their ideas on how to improve clinical quality.  As a result, we are now interacting more closely with clinicians and patients.  We are working through URMC leadership to put in place the incentives that can create a culture of quality, safety, and service that benefits both those who receive care and those who provide it. 

I thank each of my fellow board members for their generous gifts of time, talent, and financial resources.  It is truly a privilege to build a resource that will serve our families and friends for generations to come.