Rochester City SkylineThe mission to serve our community has been a part of the Medical Center’s DNA since its founding. This call to action has assumed the characteristiscs that define our institution and its goals to not only improve individual health, but also to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the forces that impact health on an individual and a community-wide level, and train the next generation of physicians and researchers to confront these challenges.

While URMC has a proud history of developing innovative and nationally recognized community-based programs, in recent years our focus has evolved to meeting the dual challenges of strengthening our understanding of health and disease across a broad spectrum of the population, and intervening in health problems through prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. This process was accelerated by an NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award to URMC in 2007. 

As the region’s largest employer, the University of Rochester’s research enterprise serves as a font of innovation for the area’s technology companies. Like many other institutions, URMC felt the impact of a challenging economic and fiscal environment. While these conditions required us to reevaluate capital projects and implement cost-cutting initiatives, URMC was able to move forward with plans to expand its clinical and research missions, projects that will have a significant impact on the region’s economy.