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The mission to serve our community has been a part of the Medical Center’s DNA since its founding. This call to action has defined our institution and its goals of improving health on both an individual and community-wide level, while training the next generation of physicians and researchers to confront these challenges in the years ahead.

While URMC has a proud history of developing innovative and nationally recognized community-based programs, with the current focus on health care reform, we’ve turned our attention to developing innovative models for population-based illness prevention. In 2010, we worked across the University of Rochester to craft wellness and disease management strategies – evidence-based programs that produce measurable results – that could ultimately be applied to other workplace settings. 

As the region’s largest employer, the University of Rochester’s research enterprise serves as a font of innovation for the area’s technology companies. We’ve continued the

Like many other institutions, URMC felt the impact of a challenging economic and fiscal environment. While these conditions required us to reevaluate capital projects and implement cost-cutting initiatives, URMC was able to move forward with plans to expand its clinical and research missions, projects that will have a significant impact on the region’s economy.