APNN Grows, Refines

APNN graduationWhile all of the programs at the School of Nursing have seen a rise in applications, the School’s Accelerated Program for Non-Nurses (APNN), has doubled in enrollment since its establishment in 2002.

The surge of applications to this program—which gives students with degrees and work experience in other fields the intensive education and clinical training necessary to transition into the nursing profession—is both a reflection of a challenging economy and the abundant opportunities that the nursing profession offers today. The program’s popularity compelled the School to add a second cohort in 2010 and significantly expand its clinical offerings to help graduates transition easily into their careers.

Today the rigorous program includes a capstone clinical course with 88 additional hours of one-on-one, precepted hands-on experience, 16 hours of simulated critical care scenarios using the School’s high-fidelity computerized patient simulators, and eight hours of on-line interactive clinical case studies.