Services Improved for Postdoctoral Students

The School of Medicine and Dentistry’s Office of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs did more than add “postdoctoral affairs” to its name in 2010. The Office expanded support for the University of Rochester Medical Center Postdoctoral Association that provides career development and networking opportunities, as well as professional recognition, specifically for the more than 300 postdoctoral appointees at the Medical Center.

The Postdoctoral Association now provides assistance in grant writing and job interview preparation as well as well as programs in course planning and alternative teaching strategies.

Although it was established officially in 2006, the Association elected officers for the first time in 2010 and inaugurated monthly social events to help bring together the community of postdoctoral appointees. The group sponsored a scientific poster session with money awards during Postdoc Appreciation Week in September. The Association also published the first issue of its newsletter, YoUR Postdoc Press, in December. The newsletter includes a catalog of funding opportunities and a list of accomplishments by postdoctoral appointees.