Patient Care

doctor consulting with patientEven as the Supreme Court prepares to weigh the constitutionality of mandated health insurance and Democrats and Republicans sharpen their rhetoric around health reform, America’s system for delivering and financing health care has begun to evolve rapidly.  Health care providers like URMC are already responding to new demands from insurers, employers, and from patients themselves.  Traditional co-pay plans, fee-for-service medicine, and fragmented care are quickly losing ground to health plans that incentivize efficiency, quality, transparency and patient-centeredness.  Health care reform is alive and well. 

Despite elements of uncertainty, URMC has also moved ahead, using our status as an academic medical center to create a portfolio of innovations and new initiatives that could enable us to manage a large population of patients.  On the eve of its next Strategic Plan, URMC is focused on ensuring access to all levels of care, improving quality/safety, creating a culture of service, developing our network, and celebrating achievement