Interdisciplinary Spirit: A Rochester Hallmark

Our CTSI thrives largely because the program exploits a central feature of our institution: Our people are collaborators who invest in each other and work effectively in teams that cross boundaries. Every day through CTSI, senior-level researchers meet with junior investigators, teaching them the ropes to begin a successful research portfolio.

stem cells rendering

Nicholas Jospe and Deborah Fowell

Collaboration is enhanced in more formal ways as well. For example, the institute awarded its first Incubator Program prize to a team of scientists who span an array of disciplines – neurology, microbiology, cardiology, and immunology – in an unusual collaboration to explore whether promising compounds to fight dementia might also play a role in treating heart failure. It’s the type of project where we excel – scientists working easily with colleagues across campus to move ahead together in a way that would be impossible for any single laboratory to do alone.

Additional examples of cross-disciplinary projects include:

Microbiologists in the Center for Oral Biology, part of the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, making a key finding about how bacteria that normally inhabit our mouth can cause a lethal heart infection.