Wilmot Exploring Research Collaborations With Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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Richard FisherThere is growing optimism about the potential for discussions between the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center and Roswell Park Cancer Institute to create a regional scientific collaboration. Donald L. Trump, M.D., RPCI CEO, and I are leading a feasibility study to identify and quantify advantages of shared research activities. 

While I want to stress that the talks are preliminary, collaboration between upstate New York’s two largest cancer research facilities would likely result in a scientific powerhouse, enhancing faculty recruitment, research funding, and the development of larger research studies.  

These kinds of discussions are essential because the National Cancer Institute’s $4.9 billion research budget has plateaued, making for fierce competition among established scientists as well as junior investigators looking to capture research grants. Scientists are frequently reaching across institutional boundaries in order to develop the most compelling grant applications. 

While our goal is to create cross-institutional teams that can attract more and larger federal research grants, ultimately the collaborative work will bring discoveries that improve patient care. 



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Richard I. Fisher, M.D.
Director, James P. Wilmot Cancer Center
Vice President, University of Rochester Medical Center

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