Wilmot Cancer Center Further Expands with New Outpatient & Imaging Suites

Wilmot Cancer Center Further Expands with New Outpatient & Imaging Suites Bone marrow transplant, leukemia and lymphoma patients receiving outpatient care at the Wilmot Cancer Center will now have a new clinical suite of exam rooms for their visits thanks to the completion of the sixth floor.

The need for this additional clinical exam space is apparent–the Cancer Center has experienced a 15 percent increase per year in patients in need of cancer care, in the past few years.

The initial design of the new Cancer Center allowed for the seamless addition of these new suites, without losing connectivity to vital services and state-of-the-art care.

The exam room suite includes a new reception check-in/check-out and waiting area, 10 exam rooms, physician and nurse workrooms, clinical technician workstation, and all of the support services patients expect from the Cancer Center. Patients and their families can continue to access all amenities, as well as infusion services.

An additional radiology suite has also been added to the sixth floor to provide imaging services to BMT patients in the inpatient unit, to limit their distance to-and-from scans and tests. This suite will also be used for urgent outpatient needs.

These projects add to the world-class facility available to cancer patients as the Wilmot Cancer Center strives to be a vital cancer care resource to central New York State, now and for generations to come.

Dialogue Summer 2013

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