Evolving Education

With growth of accelerated program comes refinement

Enrollment in the accelerated program for non-nurses (APNN) continues to be a source of pride for the University of Rochester School of Nursing. Through the end of 2009 that figure was up 469 percent since the APNN was introduced in 2002. More»

Program overhaul driven by change and feedback

Although every academic offering at the School of Nursing saw some degree of revision over the last 18 months, one in particular underwent a complete overhaul. The RN to BS in its new incarnation launched in 2009, and first impressions indicate it is a success. More»

Meeting needs arising from a shifting health care landscape

In the era of health care reform that will see more Americans insured, nurse practitioners will become invaluable as huge numbers of people will seek care that before they couldn’t afford. This will happen at a time when primary care physicians are in short supply. More»

Looking to expand opportunities for PhD students to collaborate

Innovation and collaboration. These continue to be the hallmarks of the School of Nursing’s research doctorate program. More»

Robust DNP program emphasizes educational ownership

“If you build it, they will come.” In 1989, those words referred to a baseball diamond in an Iowa cornfield. But in 2007, the same could have been said of the School of Nursing’s newly launched Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. More»

A tale of two degrees

While the DNP and the PhD are both doctoral-level degrees that require rigorous study and demand students to expand and refine their critical thinking skills, they differ in many ways. More»

A multitude of offerings, but one simple goal: foster success

You’ve decided that nursing school is for you, but you need to get a couple of classes under your belt first. Or maybe you’ve got the degree, the license and the job. But you want to pick up a few new skills. Maybe you aren’t a nurse at all, but you do work in health care and you’d like to expand your knowledge base. More»

Q&A with Kathy Rideout, EdD, PNP-BC, FNAP Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


Multimedia in this Issue:

The accelerated program continues to flourish

apnn slideshow

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Miner Library - then and now

miner narrated slideshow

View and listen to a narrated slideshow about the Miner Library.

Reunion 2009

reunion slideshow

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