February-March 2013

Pressure PointsThis is the third in a series of special issues taking a closer look at the factors shaping modern medicine.

piggy bankFor Reform to March On, Business Models Must Morph

Our nation aims to do the seemingly impossible: Expand health insurance to cover 30 million more Americans and improve the quality and effectiveness of that care – all on a smaller dime. Any one of those is a formidable challenge on its own. Woven together, it’s the test of a lifetime.

Clearly, traditional industry arrangements (which, frankly, incent doctors and hospitals to see more patients – not necessarily to keep them well in the first place) can only go so far. We sat down with URMC Chief Operating Officer Peter Robinson to make sense of how reform’s new financial incentives are rewriting relationships among players. More»

‘ICARE Experience’ Comes into Focus with New Behaviors, Greater Accountability and Recognition Software

Having smooth-running processes and clean, modern facilities is certainly important as we strive to create a first-class experience for our patients and their families. But the human element – our staff’s daily embodiment of our institutional ‘ICARE’ values – is paramount.

Orange Cone Round-up: A Summary of Nearby Construction, Roadway Improvement Projects

Whether you’re an employee, patient, or loved one heading to URMC, you’ll notice an uptick in area construction work this spring. While admittedly inconvenient in the short-term, once completed we anticipate that these projects will make getting to and from our campus worlds easier. They’re also incredibly healthy growth indicators, as we, in the face of a lagging economy, add employees and become a more and more sought-after place for medical care.

Integrity Matters Video: Protecting Patient Privacy is Everyone's Job

Over the past few years, we've made remarkable strides toward building a patient- and family-centered culture here at URMC and our affiliates. Undoubtedly, a big part of our success in partnering alongside our patients to deliver great care can be attributed to our winning – and keeping – their trust. We take this very seriously, and urge you to watch this reminder video. (Please note: This video is only accessible if you are on URMC’s secure network.)

Faculty Accomplishments

We publish faculty and student accomplishments in every edition of URMC Pulse, highlighting both the prestigious honors our faculty/students receive, as well as the prominent leadership/advisory posts to which they are appointed.