October-November 2012

Pressure PointsThis is the second in a series of special issues taking a closer look at the factors shaping modern medicine.

piggy bankFrom Intervention to Prevention: Demystifying Population Health Management

America’s health care system is broken.

Costs have ballooned, now closing in on 17.9 percent of our gross national product (roughly, this means that for every $6 spent, $1 goes to purchase health products or services). And though we spend almost twice as much, per-person, as any other nation – saddling future generations with crushing debt, making us less competitive in a global marketplace – we’re hard-pressed to prove we’re any healthier.

Fortunately, that’s changing. Eager to make sure future investments bear real fruit, federal government is driving dramatic transformations. In this special issue of Pulse, we explore how these changes are already impacting URMC. More»

Care Managers Help Patients Avoid Costly Crises

Medical homes emphasize prevention, early intervention and tight partnership with patients to keep atop chronic conditions. In this article, one local woman recounts how she and her care manager teamed up to head off hospitalizations.

Health Reform: Industry Buzzwords

Want to join in the conversation, but don’t know where to begin? Brush up on need-to-know terms related to health care reform – and specifically, the concept of “population health management.” In this article, we’ve listed some of the most relevant buzzwords.

Faculty Accomplishments

We publish faculty and student accomplishments in every edition of URMC Pulse, highlighting both the prestigious honors our faculty/students receive, as well as the prominent leadership/advisory posts to which they are appointed.