September-October 2011

Mark Taubman, M.D.

We're Listening to EWE: Results from our Spring Engagement Survey

Frankly, we're thrilled. In May, more than 6,000 hospital employees logged online to complete this year's employee engagement survey, offering valuable insights that will help hospital leaders, unit managers and shift supervisors create a better workplace and care environment.  More»

A 30,000-foot View: Your Paycheck

Results from this year's engagement survey make it pretty clear: A number of staff expressed dissatisfaction with their current level of pay and benefits. While survey vendor Morehead Associates says this finding is common among peer institutions, we're nevertheless considering it seriously. As a first step to addressing the concern, hospital leaders want to more candidly communicate how the University benchmarks salaries to be market-competitive.

Taking a Tip from Waiting Tables: Eight Satisfaction Techniques Borrowed from the Restaurant Industry

Non-punitive, confidential error reporting. Simulation exercises. Standardized workflows and systems. As health care providers, we already borrow – rather liberally – a number of safety strategies from other high-risk industries, like aviation and nuclear power production. Now, Michael Leonard, M.D., suggests health care providers might benefit from stealing a page from yet another playbook – this time, the restaurant industry's.

First All-Female Surgery Class: A Sign of the Times?

Melissa. Roseanna. Bianca. Linda. Kristin. Candice. Laura.

When URMC's surgery residency program director Thomas Watson, M.D., saw the roster for the incoming 2010/2011 general surgery class, he was shocked. While it listed seven highly-qualified candidates from medical schools across the country, there was one glaring distinction from years past: For the first time in the University's history, every incoming resident was a woman.

Faculty Accomplishments

We publish faculty and student accomplishments in every edition of URMC Pulse, highlighting both the prestigious honors our faculty/students receive, as well as the prominent leadership/advisory posts to which they are appointed.