The Meliora Challenge: The Campaign for the University of Rochester

The $100 million Golisano Children’s Hospital campaign is part of the University of Rochester Medical Center’s $650 million campaign and the overall $1.2 billion goal of The Meliora Challenge: The Campaign for the University of Rochester.

A Letter from the Co-Chairs of Golisano Children’s Hospital’s Campaign

Lissa McAnarney and Mike SmithBuilding a state-of-the-art medical facility to match the extraordinary care that happens within the walls of Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center is absolutely essential. Families turn to us expecting compassionate, experienced medical care – close to their home, in an environment they can trust. Golisano Children’s Hospital is determined to continue being the hospital that our community needs.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that our region’s only children’s hospital provides the best care possible –for the kids of today and for generations to come. With your help, we will soon have a brand new children’s hospital, built by the community, for the community.

Golisano Children’s Hospital’s campaign has two components – exciting plans for a new building and the growth and enhancement of seven key pediatric programs. Last July, our generous namesake, Tom Golisano, pledged $20 million to the hospital. This incredible gift set plans in motion for a brand new children’s hospital. We are very excited to share that this coming August, just one year after Tom’s pledge made our dream a reality, we will break ground for the new hospital.

The hospital will house an expansion to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which serves more than one in 11 babies born in the 17-county Finger Lakes region, and is desperately in need of more space. The new building’s 56 inpatient rooms will give parents the privacy and space they need to be close to their child when they’re needed most. Parents are crucial members of their child’s care team. The extra inpatient space will help ensure that parents are very much a part of the conversations and decisions pertaining to their child’s medical care.

With a focus on enhancing some of our already stellar programs, including pediatric cancer, cardiology, neonatology, surgery, autism, palliative care and adolescent eating disorders, we position ourselves to become national leaders in pediatric care. We will be better poised to retain the talented, compassionate residents we train, and better equipped to recruit the best and brightest pediatricians and specialists from across the nation. We’ll be contributing to the economic growth for our great city of Rochester and can delight in securing our status as the flagship institution for pediatric care in upstate New York.

We share the University of Rochester’s promise for “Meliora” – aspiring to be “ever better” for the community for which we care so deeply. Your support will help us transform the care we provide for the tens of thousands of children and families who rely on us each and every year. Please join us in our quest to provide a brighter future for our community’s children.


Lissa McAnarney, M.D., and Mike Smith
Co-campaign chairs for Golisano Children’s Hospital

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