Ugly Disco Celebrates Groovy Decade of Support

Ugly discoDressed in vibrant bell-bottoms, afros, pink wigs, and platform shoes, Ugly Disco attendees have a history of going all-out to raise money for Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). This year’s 10th anniversary party, held on March 9, was groovin’ from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., with live tunes from the Atlas Band, The Skycoasters, Fever — The Wrath of Polyester, and a number of DJ-spun hits. Other attractions included Twister, performances by The Village Guys, an appearance by a celebrity guest, and more.

Over the past 10 years, the Ugly Disco has raised thousands of dollars for the children’s hospital. Last year alone, the event raised $28,500 in support of the Pediatric Supportive Care Program and the Bright Eyes Fund, both run by David Korones, M.D., pediatric oncologist at Golisano Children’s Hospital. This year’s event continued that incredible support. Designed to help patients’ pain and symptom management, the Pediatric Supportive Care program provides patient-and family-centered care for those experiencing serious illness. Also focused on improving patient care, the Bright Eyes Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund was established to help fund educational and research efforts, and to enhance diagnostic and treatment options for patients with cancerous brain tumors. Both programs are part of Golisano Children’s Hospital’s current $100 million capital campaign.

The Ugly Disco team has also committed a generous $100,000 for the future children’s hospital. $20,000 of the funds raised at this year’s event will go toward fulfilling the pledge, with the remaining resources supporting Korones’ programs.

“Our whole committee enjoys raising money for such a great cause,” said Alan Wood, RE/MAX Plus partner and Ugly Disco co-founder. “The key is — we all have an absolute blast with the planning, promoting, and running of the event.”

Having started out with about 800 attendees, the event now attracts nearly 4,000 people, all of which had Saturday night fever at this popular discothèque.


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