Special Thanks

  • A heartfelt thank you to Heather Amici-VanDeMark and Joyce Amici for their continued support of Golisano Children’s Hospital through their donation from Flowers for Julia. Thanks to their tremendous efforts to help the kids at the hospital, this year’s promotion raised $3,000 – we can’t thank you enough!
  • Thank you to the Kleinhans family for holding the 1st annual Kleinhans Kids Golf Tournament, which raised $5,000 for the Division of Pediatric Genetics at the Children’s Hospital.
  • We appreciate the efforts of the Yazwinski and Passero families, who held the 100-Inning Festival of Softball again this year. The event raised $12,280 to assist the Children’s Heart Center in serving our young patients and families.
  • Team Ali-Gaiters held the inaugural Running to Remember 5K in honor of Dante Mastrimone and Lizzy Spencer. This great race and activity-filled event generated $4,167 toward the team’s goal of $100,000 for naming a room in the new Golisano Children’s Hospital building. Thanks so much!
  • Special thanks to Dr. Richard Bloom from Fairport Pediatrics, and all of our pediatricians and pediatric offices throughout the community for their efforts in promoting ROC the Day. Friends of Golisano Children’s Hospital donated a total of $7,600 to support our patients this year – thank you ALL!
  • We can’t thank our autumn golf tournament friends enough for their support –Kittelberger Florist donated $3,500 from their tournament, the WNY Optics/Photonics generated an incredible total of $22,200 from their event, and the BUDDA Association make a nice gift of $1,400 from their annual golf outing. Thanks to everyone for your incredible support!
  • Thanks to the Kids Miracle Making Club for holding a Superhero fundraiser that generated $801 for the children’s hospital – we appreciate all you continue to do!
  • Deb Moyer and Jennifer Brush hosted the first-ever TNT Explosion event, which raised nearly $17,000 to help build our new GCH building. Thank you for the time and energy that went into this incredibly fun event!
  • The Raytec Group held their annual Carnival of Caring, and the fun-filled week of entertaining activities generated $1,634 to help the kids of our region. Many thanks for this terrific support!
  • We appreciate everyone that made this year’s 12th annual Rainbow Classic an enormous success. The Pittsford Schools raised $26,000 from this year’s annual basketball event, which will help support the Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders program at the children’s hospital. Thanks for all you continue to do!
  • The Genesee Valley Hunt Races helped to raise $5,000 for the patients and families we serve at the hospital. Many thanks to Austin Wadsworth, Stephanie VonBacho, and everyone involved in this incredible annual event!
  • Patrick Booher and Graham Lodge organized the Cruise for a Cause, which benefits Golisano Children’s Hospital each year. This year’s cruise generated $1,295 for the hospital. We truly appreciate the support!
  • Held the week of November 12th, the Rochester-area Tim Horton’s once again provided lots of smiles to our community through their very delicious Smile Cookie promotion.The promotion raised $4,500 for our patients. We thank the owners for their very generous support of Golisano Children’s Hospital.
  • Thanks so much to the Maloof Family for holding their fundraising event for the hospital this year. The event raised a greatly appreciated $1,050.
  • A very special thanks to Jake Wainwright for requesting that donations be made to the children’s hospital in lieu of gifts for his 15th birthday. We can’t thank you enough for your incredible generosity, Jake!
  • Thank you to Ms. Ida Wheeler and everyone who helped make this year’s Talent for Tots & Teens Holiday Showcase a reality. This longstanding event raised $3,865 to help the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.
  • Odds on Olivia helped to raise $2,700 in honor of Olivia Grace, who is a NICU graduate. Thanks so much for your efforts to support future NICU patients and their families!
  • Our appreciation goes to Rene Stewart and Debbie Recchia from Snips Salon for the energy they put into organizing the Beauty at Your Best Winterfest, which raised $964 for the children’s hospital.
  • We’d like to thank our friends at Fleming Point in Greece for their incredible support of the kids at the hospital. They raised $507 from a Clambake and Dance Fundraiser to benefit the children and families we serve.

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Explore our building

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Parents Help Design New Golisano Children's Hospital

Parents help design the new hospital