URMC’s Corporate Social Media Portfolio

Already, URMC Public Relations maintains several official URMC social media platforms, listed below. Together, these social media forums aim to engage both the lay public (patients, potential patients, students, and research subjects) and the URMC family, building a community dialogue around health news.

Before contacting PR or Marketing about launching a platform of your own, we encourage you to submit items for consideration/promotion on these platforms. We welcome information about upcoming events, new programs, procedures, services, and fundraising activities.


University of Rochester Medical Center is the main Facebook presence for URMC; special separate pages also exist for Golisano Children's Hospital at URMC, the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, the School of Medicine and Dentistry, and the University of Rochester School of Nursing. If you have a news item or upcoming event that you’d like to submit for sharing on one of these pages, please send a note to public relations specialist jennifer_fortin@urmc.rochester.edu, who maintains the main URMC account (she can ferry your news to managers of the other accounts, too). If your group is interested in establishing a dedicated Facebook account, we strongly suggest that you begin by supplying content for the main URMC Facebook community. Doing so can help you gauge whether you have enough material and time to maintain a similar page in the future.


URMC Public Relations tweets news and updates on three main Twitter feeds: URMCnews, @URMCResearch and Sandy Strong (a dedicated feed for Golisano Children’s Hospital). URMCnews and URMCResearch share new research findings from (and/or endeavors underway at) the Medical Center, links to URMC experts in the national news, and occasionally “re-tweets” health/science headlines from major media outlets. The Sandy_Strong feed offers kids’ health tips for parents; it also features news updates of interest to children’s hospital staff, patient families, volunteers and donors. If you have news fit for sharing on one of these feeds, contact leslie_white@urmc.rochester.edu (URMCnews) or heather_hare@urmc.rochester.edu (Sandy_Strong) or emily_boynton@urmc.rochester.edu (URMCResearch).


URMC Public Relations and Marketing have created the University of Rochester Medical Center YouTube channel to catalogue a variety of news content related to URMC. Some videos are copies of health news stories appearing on local network affiliates (we’ve secured permission to record and re-publish such stories on our YouTube channel); others are professional or flip-cam videos featuring URMC experts discussing a pertinent news topic. 

Health Matters Blog

The “Health Matters” blog is produced by URMC’s Public Relations office. Updated weekly, the blog offers coverage of scientific breakthroughs, second opinions on the latest medical recommendations and research, and insight into popular wellness trends. If you have a story idea for the blog, send an e-mail to lori_barrette@urmc.rochester.edu.