Exposure to Sun Is Too Much for This Horse

"Life is a Celebration" Horse Gallops to Pittsford Wegmans Store

May 21, 2001

The Horses on Parade Program has gotten plenty of exposure since the horses hit the streets. Unfortunately, the "Life is a Celebration" Horse, a tribute to cancer survivors, has gotten a bit too much exposure - to the sun.

A few of the signatures of cancer survivors, which decorate the horse, were beginning to fade in the bright Rochester sun.

This past weekend, the horse was relocated to the Pittsford Wegmans Food Market, 3195 Monroe Ave. The horse is sponsored by the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center of the University of Rochester Medical Center

"We are grateful to Wegmans for graciously welcoming our horse to its store and turning its vestibule into a stable for our horse," said Judy von Bucher, chair of the Cancer Center Board. "I think the horse is very happy in its new home because it's so close to the carrots and apples in the produce department."

Volunteers noticed that some of the signatures, which were on small, colorful slips of paper, were becoming washed-out after just a few days in the sun. Artist Lisa Lange recommended the horse move to an indoor location.

"This horse has such special meaning for so many people and we wanted to preserve every signature," said Judy von Bucher, chair of the Cancer Center Board.

The horse will remain at Wegmans until August, when all 158 horses will move to Rochester's Main Street and then will be auctioned off in mid-September, with proceeds going to local charities. The program is sponsored by High Falls Brewing Co.

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