NYS Health Research Science Board to Meet in Rochester May 23rd

URMC Researchers to Highlight Breast Cancer Studiese

May 21, 2001

The New York State Health Research Science Board will meet at the University of Rochester Medical Center at 10 a.m., Wednesday, May 23rd. Researchers from the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center will make scientific presentations about current breast cancer studies during the meeting.

This is the first time this board, which coordinates funding financed by the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund, will meet in Western New York. Local breast-cancer survivors and research advocates will address the 16-member board, which includes physicians, researchers, health-care leaders and cancer survivors, at 1:30 p.m.

"Breast cancer is one of the most devastating diagnoses for women and nearly everyone is touched by it in some way," said Peter T. Rowley, M.D., professor of medicine, pediatrics, genetics, microbiology, immunology, and oncology at URMC and member of the research board. "We must do all we can to better understand the causes and effective treatments for this disease."

Joseph Rosenblatt, M.D., interim director of the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, will outline the variety of breast cancer research underway at the University. Then, individual presentations will be made by:

  • Kishan Pandya, M.D., interim director of the Cancer Center's Clinical Trials Office and professor of medicine and oncology professor of medicine, will outline his research into the control of hot flashes in patients on Tamoxifen;
  • Gretchen Ahrendt, M.D., co-director of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program and associate professor of surgery, will discuss mammary ductal lavage and ductosopy for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer;
  • Jennifer Griggs, M.D., M.P.H., co-director of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program and associate professor of medicine and oncology, will discuss whether African American women with breast cancer receive lower doses of chemotherapy and take longer to complete their treatment.
  • Mesut Muyan, D.V.M. Ph.D. research assistant professor of biochemistry and biophysics, will address the study of fusion estrogen receptor proteins toward the development of receptor-based agonists and antogonists.

The Health Research Science Board was created in 1997 to help unravel the

mystery of breast cancer. It recommends breast cancer research and education grants for support by the Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund. The fund is financed by donations from citizens through state income tax check-off, proceeds from the "Drive for the Cure" specialty license plate and is matched dollar for dollar by state funds, as authorized by Gov. George E. Pataki. This year, the board expects to award $2 million in grants.

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